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Waterfall Model

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The Waterfall Model is the model which provide a software life cycle(from preliminary investigation to implement phase).Waterfall model has different-2 variants.This model is used in SDLC(Structured System Analysis and Design).

Working of Waterfall Model:-

The first phase is preliminary investigation,after investigation->Analysis the whole system->Then we design the system->After designing,construction phase will start->Then System testing and finally we implement the system.

Phases/stages of waterfall model:-

1)Preliminary investigation

Advantages/features of Waterfall Models:-

1)It has the simple software development cycle.

2)It is the oldest approach of software development.

3)This approach is used in large system.

4)Water fall model is also called as traditional approach.

5)Easy to understand.

6)Used in banking system(example).

Disadvantages/drawbacks/limitations of Waterfall model:-

1)If error occurred in later stage then rework from starting stage.

2)This model is rigid.

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