Sunday, 16 December 2012

Division Algorithm

By on 22:32

Division Algorithm is an Algorithm which is frequently used in computer Architecture.It is used to divide the two numbers,example 20%3.

Step 1:-Start the Algorithm.

Step 2:-BR=Divisor and Dividend in ACQR.

Step 3:-Set E=0,SC=n-1,Q(s)=AC xor BR.

Step 4:-Now perform EAC<--AC+(BR)'+1 operation.

Step 5:-In decision phase,if bit is 1 then perform DVF<--1 and EAC<--AC+BR and end divide overflow error.

Step 6:-If bit o then DVF<--0,EAC<--AC+BR and perform left shift operation.

Step 7:-Then perform EAC<--AC+(BR)'+1.

Step 8:-In decision phase,if bit 1 then perform Q(n)<--1 and if bit 0 then then perform EAC<--AC+BR operation.

Step 9:-Then perform SC<--SC-1.If SC=0 then end else jump to upper section of Algorithm.

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